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A man works on a laptop computer near a Windows 10 display at Microsoft Build in San Francisco, California, April 29, 2015. REUTERS/ROBERT GALBRAIT

Going by the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certifications, it’s clear that long-awaited HP Elite X3 release date is just around the corner.

Launched back in February, the HP Elite X3 is a powerful Windows 10 smartphone with top of the shelf configurations onboard. At the MWC 2016 event, this device was introduced with the promise that HP will combine the power of a smartphone, a PC and a laptop into one device. Thanks to Windows 10’s Continuum and several hardware accessories, 3-in-1 HP Elite X3 has become a reality.

After impressing the audience members of MWC 2016, HP took the device to Computex 2016. Following which, it released a teaser of the Elite X3. Phone Arena, meanwhile, says when this device gets released, it’ll be the most powerful Windows 10 handset yet. Plus, the X3 will become one of the big smartphones released this year as it will carry a 6.0-inch display.

Furthermore, the HP Elite X3’s 6.0-inch display will reportedly be complemented by a 2K screen resolution. Under the hood, a quad-core processor, running at 1.6GHz, will apparently work in tandem with Qualcomm’s ubiquitous Snapdragon 820 SoC to power the phone.

This device will be backed by a good 4GB of RAM. While most of the flagships released this year come with 4GB RAM, OnePlus 3 has taken the fight one step further by housing a 6GB unit, although the full utilization of such a generous RAM configuration is debatable.

Rumor has it that the HP Elite X3 will be released in Croatia first, sometime in June. However, by looking at the certifications, it’s clear that HP will be releasing this device as two variants. One of them will be specific to the U.S. market, while the second one will be retailing in the rest of the world. The Wi-Fi certification says the product code of HP Elite X3 is “HSTNH-F606.”

Speaking of Windows phones in general, Microsoft’s Lumia devices (like Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550) released thus far, running Windows 10 out of the box, haven’t made the impact expected by the tech giant. But HP Elite X3 might change the status quo. To top it off, Microsoft is also rumored to be working on a premium handset dubbed Surface Phone.