• Copycats mimicking Apple's products abound
  • Huawei's new Huawei Card seems like an Apple Card clone in looks and features
  • The Huawei Card doesn't have a release date yet

Knockoffs exist, and everybody, including Apple, knows that. While it's easy to understand that the Cupertino tech giant has inspired its rivals to create better devices and products, it's also easy to understand that some companies would rather copy what it has and call it their own. Case in point: the newly-revealed Huawei Card.

Engadget reported that the Chinese tech giant recently unveiled the new Huawei Card – a product that borrows many of the Apple Card's best features while introducing its own. The card was unveiled alongside Huawei's new non-Android flagship smartphone, the P40.

A photo on the tech site shows just how the new card looks like: it may not look like Apple's offering at first glance, but they do share a lot of similarities. Here's a look at the Apple Card clone's features:

It has two numbers

The Huawei Card is both a physical and virtual card. Cult of Mac noted that there's a credit card number for the physical version, as well as another credit card number for the card that will be used for online transactions. It's just like Apple's Card. The physical card doesn't have the number displayed on it, though, just like the Apple Card.

It's connected to an app

Just like how the Apple Card is connected to Apple Pay, the Huawei Card is also connected to an app, aptly called “Huawei Pay.” This app is believed to be a payment system similar to Apple's offering. China's biggest card payment organization, UnionPay, is backing the Huawei Card.

It has NFC

Huawei, likely not wanting the Huawei Card to be given the recognition of being a total Apple Card clone, added an NFC function to it. This will allow Huawei Card holders to make contactless payments. The Apple Card needs an iPhone or Apple Watch to be able to do something like this.

It has an annual fee

Unlike the Apple Card, Huawei will charge Huawei Card users an annual fee. Those who sign up for it won't be required to pay for the first year, however. What's more, those who spend a certain amount through Huawei Pay will have the second-year fee waived as well.

Other features

Huawei promised that the Huawei Card will give users some travel benefits, such as access to lounge areas at airports and train stations. There will also be in-app promotions that users can take advantage of. A release date for the Huawei Card remains to be seen, however, and so those who want to get it will have to wait.

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