No more teasers! The full-length trailer for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1,” shown exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con, is now online.

The trailer for “Hunger Games: Mockingjay” premiered at the Samsung Galaxy Experience event at Comic-Con. reported those in attendance at the Capitol Gallery got to take photos with holograms of Peeta and Johanna, see Capitol fashion and eat at Peeta’s bakery.

Lionsgate said the trailer would air exclusively at select Samsung Experience Shops within Best Buy locations in the U.S. The trailer was scheduled to drop online next week.

In the trailer’s opening scene, Plutarch speaks with District 13's President Coin about Katniss Everdeen being the "face of the rebellion" against the Capitol.

"No one else can do this but her ... we need to unite the people,” he said. Coin disagreed, saying the last “Games” “destroyed” her.

Katniss, though, is speaking to an injured boy who asks her, "Are you here to fight with us?"

“I am. I will,” she says.

Gale is seen wearing a military uniform and Cressida with her bald head. However, the trailer did not include Peeta or Johanna.

Earlier in July, Lionsgate released a 53-second teaser trailer for the movie, which is set to hit theaters in November. On Wednesday, another promo featuring Peeta and Johanna as animated “living portraits”dropped online.