The international speaker, author, writer, and blockchain advocate Jillian Godsil used the Electroneum-powered freelance platform to get her most recent book laid out, including the cover

Accomplished Irish writer and influential blockchain advocate Jillian Godsil has just published her sixteenth book a couple of weeks ago. It's titled The Little Book of Running: A book of the Lockdown, which is now available on Amazon.

Irish writer and influential blockchain advocate Jillian Godsil
Irish writer and influential blockchain advocate Jillian Godsil AnyTask

"I finally came around to use the Covid-19 lockdown to get my creative self going again," she said. "I am getting back to writing, so God bless the lockdown for that."

Miss Godsil said it took her three months to put the book together, but that she wouldn't have finished it if weren't for the AnyTask voucher she got courtesy of Electroneum.

"I attended the virtual ANON Summit back in March, and shortly after, I received an email with a free 15-dollar AnyTask voucher thanking me for my attendance," she said. "I used it to get my book cover done, and I was so happy with the work that I asked the same freelancer to lay out my short book for an additional US$15."

Proper use of the AnyTask gift card

The international-renowned author, speaker, journalist, and blockchain and crypto advocate said that when she got her free gift card, she visited Electroneum's freelancer platform After going through the Designers category under the Book and Album Cover Design subcategory, she decided to go with Davinero.

"I had 10,000 words and 22 illustrations," she added. "I took pictures of the illustrations and sent everything to Dave and asked him to lay it out like a Winnie the Pooh book with the text going around the images and not with just in some boxes.

She said that laying out a book is quite tricky and that she and Davinero faced some challenges.

"We had some teething problems, but he was swift to respond and sort everything out," she said. "Lovely man. I am pleased with his work".

Great talent, low cost

"He appeared to be very talented and felt his price was very low, so I checked what the minimum wage is in Nigeria because I wanted to make sure I paid him a fair price," Miss Godsil explained. "The minimum daily wage in that country is about US$2, so I know I am not ripping him off."

Davinero has a 4.9-star rating and several positive reviews apart from Godsil's. "He was very fast and reacted very well to modification requests," said Cosmic1337. "I would order from him again anytime!"

Henhito agrees: "Really good job. Will definitely use again. Much more work needed." And Henhito has so far worked with Davinero a total of three times. "Just wow! I am very impressed with the work and professionalism. Delivered on time and top piece of work."

Thrilled to continue using AnyTask

Miss Godsil said she had used previously used Fiverr when she needs freelance work done, but that she is now thrilled to continue using AnyTask.

"I have two more books in progress, and I will definitely go back onto AnyTask and ask Davinero to help me again with the book cover, setting illustrations and laying out my book for both Kindle and paperback."

I've purchased 40 tasks on AnyTask

AnyTask is not only becoming very popular amongst freelancers, but buyers of digital tasks are also increasingly delighted to go on to the freelance platform for talent.

Successful British songwriter and marketing expert Paul Homewood recently said that as a small business owner, he relies significantly on freelancer platforms to focus on what he does best.

"I have purchased over 40 freelance tasks on AnyTask," he said. "I have to say I was stunned to see the amazing talent on that platform… honestly, I was not expecting to be."

AnyTask saw its soft launch in mid-February. It has already become very popular among freelancers in developing countries, where not having to pay the Electroneum-powered website 20% of their sales as they do on other leading platforms makes a huge difference.