Google's Galaxy Nexus, the next generation Android-powered device, will be the first smartphone to run the latest software from the search giant, nicknamed Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.0 will debut on Google's self branded Samsung device, and then be pushed out to other high end smartphones on an as yet unpublicized time frame. In fact, there's been little word given on which devices will get the update let alone when. There isn't even a release date given for the Galaxy Nexus.

Because Samsung made the Nexus for Google, they will probably get the first chance to update their devices to Android 4.0. The Galaxy S2 seems like a likely candidate to be the very first device to get the software in an over the air update. After Samsung gets Ice Cream Sandwich, there's no telling who's next, although HTC would be a good bet now that they are the number one smartphone maker in the U.S.

Now, however, comes word from none other than smartphone maker LG that they will also push out an OTA update of Ice Cream Sandwich to their G2x device on T-Mobile, PC Magazine said in a blog post.

LG, more known for their slew of low priced feature phones, made it known they are planning to get the upgrade for their high-end device, but did not give a date. That's because it may not happen until early 2012. LG will have to wait in line for the update, and Google isn't giving any indication about when that might happen, except to say their first phone, the Nexus One will not be getting Android 4.0.

This process of having many devices running different versions of the Android system is sometimes called fragmentation. The number of phones running Android is fragmented among no less than five different versions of the operating system. Android 3.0 is called Honeycomb and was made just for tablet computers like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Android 4.0 should help that problem because it was built to run on both smartphones and tablets.

The LG G2x runs Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and costs $99 with a two year contract from T-Mobile.

Tell us in the comments if you are waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich to come to your device or if you are just going to buy the Galaxy Nexus when it arrives.

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