Don’t let your kids use the updated iMessage just yet as it was found out Thursday that it has support for GIF files with sexual content. One mother is even claiming that just typing the word “huge” using GIF search could lead one to a “hardcore porn image.”

The Verge reports that an alarmed mother has called to inform the tech site that iMessage in iOS 10 has caused her daughter to see an explicit image showing “a woman giving oral sex to a well endowed male.” What makes the scenario even more disturbing is the fact that her eight-year-old daughter only typed the word “huge” on GIF search and the porn content showed up.

"I see the image come up like, holy sh*t, whoa whoa whoa, that's a hardcore porn image," the mother, identified by The Verge as Tassie Bethany, said upon seeing the GIF that her daughter stumbled upon while using iMessage. "I grabbed the phone from her immediately. She typed in the word 'huge,' which isn't sexual in any nature. It's just a word, not like butt or anything else."

"My daughter uses it because there's cartoons and fart jokes, that kind of stuff. That's hardcore porn. People making out she might see on ABC. That's something that could potentially be pretty traumatizing for a small child,” Bethany added.

Meanwhile, the tech giant has already addressed the previous concern Deadspin pointed out earlier. Previously, the Univision Communications-owned sports website reported that keying in the word “butt” on GIF search would pull out an entry showing “My Little Pony’s” Fluttershy doing a sexual pose from the GIF library.

An updated report from Engadget reveals that both “butt” and ‘huge” have already been blacklisted from the GIF search on iMessage. However, the site states that there are still provocative GIF content left, such as one that shows a close-up look at a woman's breasts when typing the word “power.”

Aside from the sexual GIF files, The Verge notes in a separate report that iMessage users could also have access to Nazi content that the site calls “blatantly offensive.”

Apple has yet to comment on the concerns being raised by different users and tech sites, but the tech giant is silently remedying all the issues as proven by the banning of the words “huge” and “butt” from GIF search.