Maru the cat
Maru the cat Creative Common

Facebook has a quarter-billion subscribers around the world – but that figure (presumably) only includes human beings.

An unknown number of dogs, cats, birds and other creatures also likely have their own pages on the social network giant.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, one in 10 pets in Britain has their own social networking pages. Animals also have their own Twitter accounts as well, according to the report.

It is believed that fully one-half of British pet owners are sharing photos of their beloved canines, felines and goldfish online.

This phenomena is spreading across the world.

Some pets have even become famous. For example, in Japan, Maru the cat has his own blog, website and even posts videos on YouTube, which have generated millions of views around the world.

The chief of Facebook himself Mark Zuckerberg has a pet dog named Beast who enjoys a significant following on the web.

Neil Brettell, director of insurer PetPlan told the Telegraph: “Animals are more popular than celebrities” on social network sites.