• New DM feature for Instagram desktop
  • Instagram currently testing the feature
  • It is likely to roll out soon

Instagram announced that it is testing direct messaging, also known as DM, from the desktop website. The feature will allow users to read and reply to their messages from the web.

“We’re currently testing direct messaging on the web, so you can read and reply to your messages from wherever you are,” Instagram tweeted.

This feature will go through several beta test phases before a stable version is released. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, took to Twitter to share that is for “only a small percentage of people for now.” He stated that they want the feature to work well before they bring it to everyone soon.

The direct messaging on the web is likely to be similar as it is on the mobile app. According to The Verge, users will be able to start a new chat or create groups with other users from the direct messaging screen or the profile page. Moreover, users can share photos, tap to like a message from the desktop version of Instagram.

Users will also receive desktop notifications for messages after enabling notifications for the Instagram website in the selected browser. There is no official release date announced for the feature.

Meanwhile, Facebook has repeatedly focused on the importance of messaging over the past year. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told The New York Times that groups, stories, and DMs were the important areas of communicating online for users.

Instagram stories are already part of the website and with this announcement, Facebook is heading towards aligning with Zuckerberg’s vision of online communication. Earlier, Zuckerberg said that the company wishes to allow WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook users to communicate with each other, irrespective of the platform they are on. It will be interesting to see how Facebook will pull this off.

Web direct messaging can prove to be quite useful for businesses, students, office workers and people who work on computers for a long time. Direct messaging on the web will be added six years after the launch of DM in the mobile app.

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