Facebook-owned Instagram has been copying a lot of the key features of Snapchat. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is copying another one at present. Instagram appears to be testing what’s called Nametags, the company’s own version of Snapchat’s Snapcodes QR codes.

Nametags was first outed last month when codes for the feature were discovered within Instagram’s Android APK. Now screenshots and a short demo showing the new feature has been shared online thanks to TechCrunch. An Instagram spokesperson also confirmed to the site that Nametags is indeed being tested, but no information was given on how many users are participating.

The new feature is located on top of the user profile. Pressing the Nametags button should bring up the Nametag editor. Users will then be able to choose from a purple Instagram color gradient background, an emoji background or a selfie. Users are given the option to use their selfie as background emojis. Users will also be able to put augmented reality face filters when they take a selfie for their Nametag.

Nametags will have the user’s Instagram username front and center. People will be able to scan Nametags to follow people. However, current participants of the test won’t be able to share or scan codes yet.

The new feature should help users in visually promoting their Instagram accounts. It also makes it a whole lot easier for users to follow people without having to know their usernames. This is also great for brands, businesses and celebrities. With this new feature, users will only have to share their Instagram Nametags across their other social media pages and get more followers. They could put their Nametags on posters and other printed materials, as well.

Nametags is another experimental feature that Instagram is currently testing. There’s no guarantee that it will be made available to everyone as a permanent feature. That being said, Instagram has been on a roll as it successfully copies Snapchat’s key features and Nametags seems like something that Instagram wants to keep its users actively browsing content and following other people.

Another feature that Instagram is currently testing is a native Portrait mode for its Stories camera. Called Focus, the feature is able to create artificial bokeh or background blur when taking photos. Instagram Focus works for single-lens cameras, front-facing and rear-facing cameras. Instagram may also be developing audio and video calling features for its mobile app, but they are not in testing yet.

Instagram is currently testing its own version of Snapchat Snapcodes called Nametags. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic