Spotify Launches App Platform Spotify

Spotify, the online music streaming service, has announced its very own app platform that aims to bring users music related info through third party applications.

In their first every U.S press conference, the Swedish company's CEO, Daniel Ek, took to the stage in New York City to unveil the latest addition to its social strategy that started with Facebook integration.

Now the music service is pairing up with partners such as Rolling Stone, The Guardian,, and Songkick to bring an entire stream of music related info each track. These include lyrics, reviews and background on individual tracks and artists. The move will be game changing for music, Ek told his audience.

With the new TuneWiki app, listeners will be able to follow perfectly synced lyrics on their screens as they are listening to the track. The apps will be integrated seamlessly both visually and in their functionality, according to Ek.

If listening to a track isn't enough for users, they can search Songkick app for gigs close-by. The app scans each member's Spotify library to see if there are performances by listed artists in the vicinity and if so, members can buy tickets in just a few clicks.

The app platform will also make music reviews more accessible for listeners as the partnership with Rolling Stone app will bring music reviews to Spotify as soon as they are published.

To add apps to your Spotify account, all you do is click apps on the sidebar, which will bring the app finder automatically.

The apps you'll discover over the next few days are only the beginning. We'll surprise you, and probably be surprised ourselves, with many more new and wonderful experiences that will make Spotify even better, Spotify wrote on their blog post.

Spotify has also announced it will be added a News Feed to their side bar, similar to that on Facebook, so users can scroll down and see what their friends are listening to.