The University of Western Australia along with Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, or SAMS, has developed a set of wetsuits that protect the wearer from shark attacks. Using research from the University of Western Australia, SAMS developed the suits, which use two different approaches in repelling sharks. One of the wetsuits uses a black-and-white pattern to scare away a shark looking to attack. The other wetsuit uses blue and aqua pattern that serves as a camouflage for swimmers. The aqua pattern in particular effectively makes the swimmer invisible to a shark in the water.

The wetsuits were developed as a response by the Government of Western Australia to the increase of shark attacks along the coastline of Western Australia.

After several prototypes along with extensive research of the effect of colors and patterns on sharks, SAMS released its results in a short video demonstrating the technology. Take a look at the video here. Do you think it will have a huge effect for surfers and beachgoers? Let us know in the comments.