Just a few weeks after the release of iOS 10.1.1, iPhone owners are complaining about two bugs that allegedly came with the update, Forbes reported.

Battery Problem

Users are reporting a battery bug on their phones at Apple’s official Support Communities forum. In the thread that is now 13 pages long, users are saying their phone's’ battery dies when it’s at 30 percent.

One of the users explains the battery issue:

“1 - It jumps from 30% charge to 1% in a few seconds then shuts down.

Now here is the stranger part.

As soon as it reboots after connecting to a charger it show 30% charge. When I unplug it right away it still shows 30% and runs like nothing happened for a good few hours.

So it goes from zero charge to 30% in the time it takes to reboot? Strange.

2 - Shutting the phone down at night with a good 80% charge, it won't reboot in the morning due to no battery charge. I plug it in and its back to 30% in a few seconds.”

Some users say it might the Apple Music app running in the background.

“Since the upgrade to 10.1 my iphone 6s battery is draining pretty quick. Most of the battery use is by the Music app in the background and I can't seem to find a setting to disable the music app from running in the background,” said one of the users on Oct. 28.  

“I'm having an issue where my battery will just drain without any apps running. I checked my settings and saw that Apple Music has been running 6.5hrs worth of background apps. Not sure if that's the culprit, or if there's a way to shut down background apps. My phone dropped from 80, to 50, to 19 percent battery life today. Never had these issues prior to the update,” said another user.

Earpods Malfunction

Many users are also reporting problems with their Apple Earpods in a 20-page thread on the Apple Support Communities forum. Apple iPhone owners say the update is causing the microphone of their Earpods to breakdown during phone calls.

“No audio until I restart or if in a call after pressing the speaker button,” said one user. “The thing is that if you restart the device it will resolve for a moment but it will come again. I have erased my device completely and lost all my stuff to see if that helped but there is no real improvement. I have noticed that the issue resurges after the use some apps that produce audio.”

Hopefully the glitches can get fixed by the next Apple update, iOS 10.2, which will be launched in the first half or December, or the next update, iOS 10.2.1.