iOS 11 is one of the biggest software updates Apple has released, but it launched along with some bugs.

Apple released iOS 11 in September for previous iPhone models and its most recent devices, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The update brought augmented reality support to iOS gadgets, as well as the new Files app, Siri and design improvements, as well as other features. iOS 11’s most recent update iOS 11.2 brought Apple Pay Cash to Apple device owners.

While the update brought numerous features, it also came with bugs and other issues that required subsequent fixes and updates.

Here’s a list of iOS 11 bugs and other issues users have reported:

HomeKit Bug

iOS 11.2 came with a security flaw in Apple’s HomeKit app. The vulnerability allowed hackers to gain control of IoT devices connected to the app. Through the flaw, cyber criminals could have been allowed to unlock doors, control smart lights and other IoT devices that are linked to the HomeKit app. Apple released a fix for the flaw shortly afterwards with iOS 11.2.1.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Confusion

iOS 11 brought a revamped Control Center but also made it trickier for users to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. When Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options are turned off via the Control Center, the features aren’t actually completely shut down. Instead, the iPhone or iPad disconnects the user from devices and networks, however the radios stay on. The change is not a bug, but is instead a different design under iOS 11, which ended up confusing users. To completely turn off Bluetooth users can go to Settings > Bluetooth > turn toggle off. For Wi-Fi, users can go to Settings > Wi-Fi > turn toggle off

Crackling Earpiece

iOS 11 also caused a crackling sound during phone or FaceTime calls. iPhone users were forced to use headphones or the speaker option to avoid the static noise. Apple released a fix for the bug in October and said the problem affected a small number of users. Users worldwide under different carriers experience the issues.

GPS Issue

Some iPhone 8 and iPhone X users complained about an issue with the GPS system on their device. Users said the GPS on iOS 11 was not accurate, and that the issue could not be fixed at the Apple Store. The problem persisted even when they were given a replacement iPhone. Some users saw the bug go away in the iOS 11.2 beta, however the official update did not list a fix for the issue.

Sprint Wi-FI

After the release of iOS 11.2, Sprint customers said Wi-Fi calling was not working with the latest update and carrier settings version 31.0. The feature, which allows users to make and receive calls via Wi-Fi, was down for all active iPhone models on the Sprint network that can update to iOS 11.2. Some users tried to work around the problem by downgrading their iPhone from iOS 11.2 to iOS 11.1.2.

Battery Drain

iOS 11’s features might be too much for older iPhones that don’t have the latest A11 Bionic chip found on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. New features, like augmented reality support, means users could see the battery on their devices drain faster. Here are some tips to work around that.