• Apple's iOS 14 includes a slew of new features designed for improved user experience
  • These include camera improvements for all supported iPhone models
  • Among the improvements are faster camera speed, an exposure adjustment option and photo captions

Apple introduces a slew of enhancements and new features to the iPhone experience via iOS 14. These include some improvements to the iPhone camera performance as well as tweaks to the Photos app.

What can fans expect to see in Photos and the camera in iOS 14? Here's a quick look at some of them.

Camera speed

Apple upgraded the camera's shooting speed so that users can take better quality photos faster than ever. The camera app now opens 25% faster, capturing photos is up to 90% faster, and the time it takes to load between each portrait shot is about 15% shorter.

There's also a new “Prioritize Faster Shooting” toggle that allows the iPhone to adjust image quality in order to take photos faster.

Volume button shortcuts

Apple lets users do things in the camera app faster using the volume buttons in iOS 14.

A long press on the volume up button activates Burst Mode and lets users take photos in quick succession. A long press on the volume down button, on the other hand, activates QuickTake to capture video.

Exposure Adjustment

Users will now find a new “Exposure Adjustment” option inside Preserve Settings in the Camera section of the Settings app. This feature preserves any tweak users make to the camera exposure so that users can focus on taking shots instead of adjusting exposure levels with every photo.

Mirrored Selfies

A new “Mirror Front Camera” feature in iOS 14 lets users take mirrored selfies. The final photos will look exactly as how they appeared in the preview.

Video settings

The new iOS version now allows users of all supported iPhone models to change video quality and frames per second via tapping a toggle located at the top-right corner of the screen in the camera app. There's no need to go to camera settings to change these.

The toggle was previously available on the iPhone 11 series and can now be added to other iPhone models via iOS 14.

Photo Captions

In iOS 14, the Photos app will allow users to add captions to their photos for more context. The information will be synced to iOS and Mac.

These are but some of the enhancements and new features Apple added to the camera and Photos app on iOS 14, according to MacRumors. There are more things to discover once the new iPhone operating system version arrives.

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