• Apple introduced new features to the iPhone camera via iOS 14
  • The new features let users take photos faster
  • The improvements also make it easier for users to capture photos without having to unlock their smartphones

Apple's iPhones have some of the best camera features available in smartphones right now. While there are some devices that could offer great camera hardware, the combination of the iPhone's hardware and iOS 14's software features means that iPhone users can expect to get the best camera experience.

Apple decided to improve the user's iPhone photography experience by adding a slew of features to the Camera app in iOS 14. These include generally improved performance, easy-access settings and a lot more. Here's how to use some of the new features introduced in the iOS 14 Camera app.

Take shots faster

Apple said users will be able to take camera shots faster than ever before with iOS 14. The time between pressing the camera icon to open the app and actually capturing images is now shorter by 25%. Users can now take photos up to 90% faster than before as well.

Additionally, Portrait shot-to-shot is up to 15% faster. This means users will be able to take more portrait shots in less time.

Users can take advantage of the improved speed simply by using the Camera. Those who want it even faster can also tweak the settings so that the iPhone will prioritize faster shooting over better quality shots.

Launching the camera faster

Those who are racing against time to capture an image will be glad to know that there are two ways to access the camera from the lock screen.

  • First, from the lock screen, users will be able to launch the camera by swiping from left to right.
  • Second, a long-press on the Camera app icon from the lock screen lets users access a menu that allows them to take a selfie, record a video, take a portrait or take a portrait selfie.

The former lets users capture simple shots – without changing settings like exposure – faster. The latter lets users take certain kinds of shots faster without having to open the app first and swiping to certain sections.

These are but a few of the new camera improvements that Apple added to the Camera app in iOS 14. Stay tuned for more tips on using the improved Camera app.

iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing
iPhone 11 Pro. Aaron Yoo(CC BY-ND 2.0)