iOS 5

With its new iOS 5 operating system, Apple adds many features to the iPad. Here are a few that can make a big difference in its use.

Notification Center
The biggest feature in iOS 5 is a Notification Center similar to the one found on the Android OS. Users can navigate to the Notification Center by simply running a finger down from the top of the screen, allowing them to access all their notifications from a central location. The result is that there will no longer be any more annoying popups.

Twitter Integration
The ability to integrate your Twitter account with the iOS 5 is now a reality. Users can share pictures and tweets without having to log in to their Twitter account on multiple occasions. The iOS 5 makes it even easier to tweet from the iPad.

This is the new messaging service for iOS users. This option is similar to BlackBerry's Messenger service. It is like a live chat room between different users, allowing for real-time interactions without using any text messages. Unlike a BBM user, an iMessage user does not need anybody's personal identification number to send him or her messages. Apple's app immediately detects when the person the user is texting has iMessage enabled and, by default, it will send text as an iMessage any time it can.

Multitasking Gesture
Before, when the user wanted to switch back and forth between two apps, he had to either close one and open the other or double click the home button to bring up the task bar. Now the user can just slide his fingers to move from one app to the other.

Tab Browsing
Full-tabbed browsing is now available for iPad owners, allowing them to jump between pages with just a single tap. On the iPad, tabbed browsing helps keep track of multiple web pages and switches between them with ease.