iOS 5
iOS 5 holds lot of advantages over iOS 4 Apple

Just days after the release of Apple's new operating system, iOS 5, the tethered (Redsn0w 0.9.9) and untethered (FastRa1n v5.0) versions to jailbreak the Apple devices supporting iOS 5 are out.

Many people using iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch are going ahead and following the risky process to make their devices liberal to accept the applications and modifications that Apple does not allow.

Just a day after the release of iOS 5, a tethered jailbreak was out by Dev-team called Redsn0w 0.9.9 which would allow users to download thousands of applications and modifications from Cydia.

Cydia is a software application for Apple's iOS that enables a user to find and install software package on a jailbroken iDevice. Cydia is the main independent third-party platform for software on iOS.

Within days from Redsn0w launch, the untethered jailbreak came in the market with the name FastRa1n v5.0.

Now as you can jailbreak your iDevice both the ways, here are five jailbreak tweaks that can change your experience with your iDevice.

BatteryCenter: The jailbreak tweak adds your phone's battery status to your notification center. It shows the percentage of the battery remaining with the current status of power supply (charging).

SBMusic: SBMusic is designed for iPads and allows you to create bookmarks to your playlists. After installing SBMusic you don't have to search for your favorite playlists deep in your music player. With SBMusic, you just tap on the bookmark created for the playlist and you are done.

NoNewsIsGoodNews: This jailbreak tweak saves your time and saves your iPhone and iPad from crashing because of the Newsstand. NoNewsIsGoodNews, once it is installed, removes the Newsstand icon from your SpringBoard and brings out the options located into the Newsstand to the SpringBoard.

PowerCenter: This power-related tweak allows you to quickly and easily respring, reboot, or power off your iPhone with a simple finger slide.

DisplayOut: This tweak is only for jailbroken iPads. As there is no SpringBoard icon, this just shows up in the Settings app. You can adjust your output resolution, orientation, refresh rate, and the scale.