Most people are fascinated by how technology has transformed our lives, making them seemingly easier. In many cases, it has given us more time to enjoy other things we want more.

Smart devices are equipped with sensors, making it easier to park our cars, clean our homes, monitor our children, order food, keep better track of energy consumption, and so much more.

IoTeX and DIMO
IoTeX and DIMO IoTeX and DIMO

However, one of the most amazing things about newer technologies today is that it democratizes the Internet giving back to users data ownership and the power to monetize it as they see fit.

And in the Internet of Things industry, IoTeX has become a leader as a decentralized technology provider. IoT in the blockchain space is better known as the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), in which people —not Big Tech nor corporations— own their data and have complete control of their smart devices.

Let's think briefly about how vast the data your car gathers every time you go out for a drive. It collects data on you and those traveling with you. It creates a profile of you and your passengers and knows how many miles you travel a day, whether you are a good driver or one that speeds, and how many times you go to church, the bar, or the movies. Vehicles today also come equipped with dozens of sensors that gather road, environmental, and other data sets that are also extremely valuable.

Your car data is worth up to $600

According to a recent McKinsey report, data from connected vehicles could represent a yearly income for their owners of up to $600. Other reports suggest that profits from vehicle data could soon surpass the cost of the vehicle itself.

The IoTeX —, a leading Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN) technology provider and DIMO partnership is essential in this context. It allows drivers and fleet operators to take control of their vehicle data, providing them with significantly improved services such as automotive finance, insurance, shared mobility, maintenance, and more.

Creating new business opportunities

The partnership will provide valuable opportunities for DIMO and IoTeX to grow and succeed in the DePIN) sector. The DIMO and IoTeX partnership will pave the way for a new design space for developers to build some new and fascinating automotive decentralized applications, unlocking massive new opportunities for businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs.

IoTeX aims to drive the global transformation of mobility services on DIMO. These two DePIN-related projects joined forces to enhance the driver and fleet operator experience globally for millions of vehicle owners.

To kick off the partnership, IoTeX will build a W3bstream integration on the DIMO network and invest in reducing the cost of the DIMO Hardware for users.

The future of enhanced mobility services

The partnership will aim to improve the driver and fleet operator experience for the 250 million connected vehicles on roads worldwide today, which represents 24% of all cars. Experts expect this number to reach 2.5 billion by 2030, with reports suggesting that data profits could surpass vehicle sales.

Raullen Chai, CEO and Co-Founder of IoTeX, said, "We are thrilled to partner with DIMO to drive the future of mobility. We can create a user-owned digital ecosystem that empowers individuals and communities by combining our strengths in open, decentralized protocols and data privacy with DIMO's consumer products, open hardware ecosystem, and developer platform."