Apple does not see the slight bend in its all-new iPad Pro models as a problem. The tech giant also blamed the issue on a “manufacturing process.”

After hearing about growing complaints concerning its 2018 11-inch and 12.9-inch flagship tablets, Apple decided to break its silence and address the issue. Interestingly, Tim Cook’s company does not consider the bend a sign of defect. 

In a statement Apple sent to The Verge, the company said that the very slight bend in the aluminum chassis of the iPads are just a “side effect of the device’s manufacturing process.” Apple then insisted that the bend isn’t going to worsen over time, nor will they negatively affect the performance of the iPads. 

Apple explained that the bend is actually the result of a cooling process involving the metal and plastic components of the tablets. Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models can be affected by this issue, but Apple said that owners should not worry at all. 

Prior Apple’s statement, many users claimed that the small curve or slight bend was most likely formed gradually over the course of normal use. They pointed out on the MacRumors forums that the bend did not form because of mistreatment or abnormal stress on the metal casing. 

It’s worth noting that several bend tests documented on YouTube show how easy it is to bend the new iPad Pro models compared to the previous iterations. However, Apple still maintains that concerns over structural rigidity of the tablets are “unfounded,” as per MacRumors

This isn’t the first time that Apple received complaints for bending products however. Its iPhone 6 Plus made headlines and garnered a lot of complaints following its release because of the “bendgate” controversy because the handset was prone to bending despite subjecting it to average use. 

In response to the controversy, Apple launched a repair program over the issue. Bendgate eventually prompted Apple to switch to a sturdier aluminum material for its next iPhone