The highly-anticipated Apple iPad Mini Oct.23 event is also likely to introduce minor refresh to the traditional 9.7-inch iPad including integration with Apple's Lightning connector, The Verge has reported.

The revised version of iPad that is launching within six months after the third-generation iPad, is largely viewed as a tweaked model of the existing iPad and not a complete revamp, 9to5Mac has stated.

The tweaked iPad is likely to enjoy global LTE support and Apple may use the event to upgrade parts including processor, screen, and battery among others.

Apparently, the refreshed 9.7-inch Retina iPad is expected to address issues with the first-generation Retina product including the weight of the product, improving the LED backlight apparatus, according to a CNET report based on comments from Richard Shim, a DisplaySearch analyst.

However, in September, analyst Shim did not possess complete evidence of a finished product, for his sources were based in the Asia "supply chain" of manufacturing and assembly companies, where product supply status changes from month-to-month, CNET has pointed out.

This apart, a probable feature update is likely to be a new global LTE radio.

Among the many new iPad models being unveiled at the event, full-sized iPads are likely to make up half the SKUs, while the other half is likely to pertain to the smaller ‘mini’ iPad.

Besides, Apple is also likely to unveil Mac minis, iMacs and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display.