A crazy new concept from tech designer Gunho Lee is making us more excited than any other actual news about Apple’s supposed next flagship phone, the iPhone 11.

A report from Cult of Mac showed the three-minute video showcasing an amazing rendering of the iPhone 11 that’s expected to be released this September. The features in the concept video are described in the report as “crazy.” Lee’s iPhone 11 and iPhone XI Max trailer show the new phone echoing the form of the iPhone 5.

It also features some of the specs that seem to be guaranteed functions of the next iOS smartphone including wireless charging, the improved Face ID, and of course, the triple camera.

But what makes Lee’s concept design different are some state-of-the-art features like the Air Battery Pack which melded seamlessly with the concept phone, a Face ID sensor that can recognize the user in any angle and an embedded Touch ID sensor which could make your phone’s security even more impenetrable.

And then there are other features that make the concept iPhone 11 a technological feat such as improved App faces, split view and even an underwater mode. The last feature makes it look like the phone can function, or at the very least remain safe, while submerged underwater.

The iPhone 11R also gets some screentime in the concept video with Lee showing the variant in various colors and what seems like a digital design render of the phone’s back.

Alas, these are all a figment of one’s Apple fantasies and there’s little chance of seeing some it come to life in the next iPhone. As it is (despite all the negative press the next iPhone is getting because of how it would look like), many are looking forward to the new features of the next flagship phones.

Aside from the triple lens camera at the back, which function could be marred by a very large hump, the new iPhone is expected to have a powerful A13 chip processor, a smaller face ID notch and two-way charging capabilities. The triple lens itself is not so bad with its macro photography capabilities, a larger field view and better zooming function.

The iPhone 11 is expected to be released this September.