• Apple’s iPhone 12 is scheduled to release on Oct. 23
  • One of the iPhone 12’s major features is its 5G connectivity support
  • But there might be an issue, especially to those who prefer a dual SIM iPhone 12

iPhone 12 has been lauded for its 5G connectivity, but people wish to have a dual-sim functioning phone might have a problem since the dual-sim functioning may interfere with the 5G connectivity, but is this really a deal-breaker?

The issue surfaced following a recent post on Reddit of a screenshot of the alleged document from Apple’s internal sales resources website. The said document, which is an Apple Sales FAQ shared with retailers and carriers, indicates that the iPhone 12 will not support 5G on either line when Dual SIM mode is active.

Based on the document, iPhone 12 users could only use the device’s 5G speed when one SIM is disabled. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience to some, it could come as a major blow to iPhone 12 fans who want to use a dual-sim smartphone to have separate work and personal lines. This issue, however, is not yet officially confirmed.

iPhone 12 Modem and Verizon Esim from r/verizon

There is a great chance that the incompatibility problem of the dual-sim and 5G features of the iPhone 12 could be just a software issue. If this is the case, Apple could do something to resolve it with an over-the-air update moving forward. Fortunately, the Reddit user who shared the image claimed that an update arriving later this year would enable 5G when the iPhone 12 is in Dual SIM mode.

It is worth mentioning that the details revealed in the leak are not official. In this case, it is smarter to take this information with a pinch of salt. Interestingly, Macrumors, which first reported the story, updated its report and claimed that it had received an independent confirmation that the alleged Apple document is indeed genuine.

The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 is available on pre-order starting Oct. 16. It is set to arrive on Oct. 23. It retails at $799 for the model with 64 GB storage.