Launch of iPhone 4S in China could delay the release of the much-hyped and much-awaited iPad 3, speculate experts.

Delaying the launch of iPad 3 could be another structured rumor or marketing gimmick of Apple as the world renowned electronics company is known for making a series of announcements at random times to fuel up the suspense among the Apple enthusiasts.

iPhone 4S will be launched in China and other 21 countries Jan 13. Before the release of this phone, numerous rumors spawned across the globe that were untrue and conflicting with one another.

iPad 3 Release on Steve Job's Birthday?

Speculation on the release date of iPad 3 on Steve Job's birthday, February 24, is also gaining hype as this would be an apt day to show honor to the late Apple co-founder.

Earlier, DigiTimes announced that Apple would release two different versions of iPad 3 at the Macworld convention which begins Jan 26 in San Francisco.  Later they concluded the information as rumor and asked the readers to ignore it. The Washington Post also noted that Apple has stopped attending the convention since 2009. So rumor of the release of iPad 3 in that event would be a far-fetched.

Analysts believe that the next generation iPad will be released in the first quarter of this year. According to Richard Gardner, the Citi Analyst, There do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining to iPad3's release.

Rumored Features and Specs of iPad 3

Design: Apple is speculated to give a teardrop design to iPad 3 and the model would be thinner than its predecessors with an aluminum plate casing.

Retina Display: Unlike iPad 2, the next generation iPad will have retina display with an improvised resolution of 2058x1536 pixels. Earlier, Apple promised to get retina display with iPad 2 but later disappointed the users with the same display of the previous iPad.

iCloud: iCloud is already present in iPad 2 which provides wireless remote access to iTunes from all computers and mobile devices. With the launch of iPad 3, the Apple enthusiasts expect a revolution in terms of storing music, photos, apps, calendars and documents without using the phone's memory storage capacity.

Camera:  iPad 3 is said to have a dual-LED flash unit that is separated from the camera sensor. Moreover, iPad 2 comes with a 0.7 megapixel with 720p video capture capabilities and a secondary VGA one for video chat while the rumor is iPad 3 will come with 5 megapixel or 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video capture. 

Wireless Charger and Synchronizer: Rumor is rife that iPad 3 will offer wireless sync and back up of content and, like HP, will introduce a new charger technology to charge up the device without the need to plug any cables.