After the pre-orders, record-breaking sales queues are formed outside many Apple stores this week, with customers keen to get hold of the new iPhone 4S.

Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is apparently in a hurry to get his hands on the new iPhone.

The iPhone 4S hits the British market at 8 a.m. Friday and is already on sale in Australia and Japan. The iPhone 4S will be available in the United States and Canada later in the day.

According to NBC11, Wozniak was first in line when he showed up at the Apple store in Los Gatos, Calif., Thursday. He told the station that though his two new phones are on the way, he plans on staying overnight outside the Apple store.

He was one of five people standing in line from around 2 p.m., Thursday, at the store to grab it first. He told NBC11 that while he waits for his new iPhone, he will catch up with his friends via e-mail.

The iPhone 4S, was launched on Oct. 4, a day before Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died. The iPhone 4S looks identical to iPhone 4 but it has a faster processor and 8-megapixel camera.

It is equipped with an A5 chip, iOS 5 and Siri, a voice controlled personal assistant. The iPhone is available in two models - a 64-gigabyte model for $399 and 32-gigabytes for $299 – both with a two-year carrier contract.

Apple is expecting to sell about 4 million units of its new iPhone this weekend.

The iPhone 4S proved a hit when more than 1 million people ordered it in the first 24 hours after bookings had started online. People who want to buy one can visit the Apple store at 8 a.m. in each time zone.

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