Exclusive: Apple tests new chips with TSMC
A connector on the logic board is removed from the iPhone 4 during iFixit's teardown of the phone in San Luis Obispo, California in this file photo Reuters

The iPhone 5 release date, which is largely rumored about, is likely to get delayed further because of the A5 chip overheating in the tiny enclosure of iPhone, reports Sohu.com.

Apple has kicked off a slew of iPhone 5 release rumors unwittingly by deciding not to launch the next generation iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in the first week of June.

An earlier report says that Apple has ordered for 25 million units of iPhone 5 by the end of this year and the company is preparing to release the gadget.

Now it’s the problem of the processing unit of the smartphone that is to be blamed for pushing the launch from the late August-September time frame for an unspecified period of time.

The story also mentions that Apple will be transitioning to a 28-nanometer manufacturing process with the A6 chip, apparently due next year.

The story says that Apple will instead release a new version of the iPhone with incremental upgrades, including a better camera and dual-core processing unit.

However, though the company has not confirmed anything yet about the development of the gadget, it is rumored to be delayed until 2012, according to Sohu.com.