What do you do when you need to do a lot of typing but no laptop is in sight? All you have is your iPhone, but typing on it takes a lot of time. Celluon has designed an iPhone case that solves this problem - the case, called Prodigy, features a virtual keyboard.

Prodigy was showcased at CES 2012 in Las Vegas last week by the Korean company. When you slip your iPhone into the case, you will have access to a full-sized virtual keyboard to help you type.

According to Pocket-lint, as long as the users can type cleanly, the device will work well. However, when you drag your fingers on the virtual keyboard, the system tries to recognise your key inputs and types something else.

What you type is processed and transferred to the iPhone via a Bluetooth connection, just as a standard, more traditional-looking Bluetooth keyboard would.

There are some accessories that come together with the device such as a battery and a kickstand. The extra battery acts as a power backup while the kickstand serves as a mini monitor stand while you are typing.

Celluon has also designed the device in another shape called a Magic Cube, a small stand-alone unit which can be used more generally, by connecting itself to any device via Bluetooth. It means even Android users can join the bandwagon.

However, no product is perfect. After Pocket-Lint tested the device, it found that users might also find it hard to type without any tactile feedback. A spokesperson of the company also revealed that glass or mirrored surfaces aren't ideal platforms for typing with the virtual keyboard.

Despite the flaws, the virtual keyboard can be your perfect companion when you are typing in Starbucks or in a long fight.

And, yes, the device isn't cheap. Prodigy is priced for around £150 (roughly $230), and the Magic Cube costs about £110 (almost $170).