Apple iPhone market share is going nowhere but up, both in the US and international market, according to a new report.

A recent report from Canalys shows that Apple’s share of the US smartphone market in the second quarter was 23 percent, that’s a 16 percent jump from the same period a year-ago and representing an astounding 365 percent increase year to year.

Meanwhile, its competitor RIM’s US market share remained somewhat steady, but had a slight drop. Its market share was 52 percent, down from 56.4 percent during the same period a year ago.

Apple also did well on an international scale with its smartphone market share increasing from 2.1 percent to 13.7 percent over the past year, representing an even more astounding 626 percent increase year to year.

In comparison, Rim experienced slight gains, with their market share increasing from 16.7 percent worldwide to 20.9 percent.

Globally, Nokia still reigns, with its Symbian OS owning 50.3 percent share of all smartphones worldwide. Year to year, though, Nokia’s smartphone market share slipped with last years number coming in at 58.2 percent.

Meanwhile, Windows Mobile experienced a worldwide decline in their OS marketshare, going from 14.3 percent last year to 9 percent this year.