• Analysts believe that iPhone's upcoming handsets will be delayed
  • This delay is caused by coronavirus-related problems
  • Both the flagship iPhone 12 series and budget-friendly iPhone SE successor will be delayed

Apple's upcoming handsets – be it capable of supporting 5G or not – will be delayed due to the current coronavirus problem, analysts believe.

Just like any other mainstream smartphone company, Apple usually releases new products every year. Various analysts have predicted that Cupertino will release at least four 5G handsets during the second half of the year, and a successor to its wildly successful affordable model released in 2016. Now, analysts predict that the company will be delayed in launching the devices due to COVID-19.

Analysts from the Bank of America predict that Apple's upcoming handsets, the iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) and the devices included in the iPhone 12 series, will be delayed for some time due to the coronavirus problem, Bloomberg reported.

iPhone SE 2

Previous reports indicated that the budget-friendly iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9) is on track for release according to schedule, since Apple was able to continue creating units by moving production to Taiwan-based facilities. Some speculate that due to this, Cupertino might be able to release the device later this month.

Bloomberg contradicts this report, saying that as per Bank of America analysts, the iPhone SE 2's launch date will be delayed by “a few months.” This delay is caused by problems in the supply chain, as well as the lack of demand from the public due to COVID-19.

iPhone 12 series

Bloomberg's report, however, agrees with earlier reports regarding the delay of the iPhone 12 series. Previous reports indicated that Apple's next flagship lineup will be delayed by at least a month due to problems during the crucial stages of development.

Last month, Apple was forced to restrict company travel to China as a safety precaution against COVID-19. The travel restriction meant that it won't be able to send personnel to the Asian country unless needed.

While Apple's decision to restrict travel was good, it happened at a time when its engineers were scheduled to fly in to China for a crucial task – that being finalizing the development of the iPhone 12 series of handsets. Reuters' sources said this means iPhone 12 production could be delayed by at least a month.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro - Color Variety
The iPhone 11 Pro's successor is expected to have a better camera setup. Apple