• Apple's Mail app is a very powerful tool for iPhone users
  • The company's design ideas, however, have hidden some of the app's features
  • Some features like marking emails as spam are hidden, but can still be accessed

Apple's Mail app is a very powerful tool for iPhone users. With it, users can send and receive emails without having to worry about their private details leaking or being shared even with Apple's own employees.

Cult of Mac noted, however, that Apple's push for simplicity and minimalist design have come at the cost of hiding some of the app's helpful features, such as the ability to mark certain emails as spam or junk. It's not impossible, even difficult, to mark such emails. Here are three ways to do it:

As a general rule, users must make sure that they are using the latest version of the Mail app to do this. Users should update their iPhone and the app so that it won't have any problems.

Tapping on Move to Junk

Users who open an email will notice the sheer blank space at the bottom of the screen. There's no button or option to quickly mark the email as junk. How can emails be marked?

  • First, open the email that will be marked as junk, then tap on the reply button.
  • Second, on the menu that appears after tapping the reply button, look for Move to Junk then tap on it.

With a long-press

Those who are using an iPad to view their emails on the Mail app can mark emails fairly easier compared to how they can be marked on an iPhone. Here's how:

  • First, choose an email that will be marked and press and hold on it.
  • Second, look for Mark... on the contextual menu that pops up. Tap on it.
  • Third, another menu with several options will appear. Look for Move to Junk and tap on it.

When using a keyboard

Those who love to use compatible keyboards with their iPhone or iPad have another way to mark emails as junk. This is the easiest way to mark emails as such, but will of course require both devices to be connected to each other in order to work. Here's how it is done:

  • First, open the email that needs to be marked.
  • Second, press shift+command+J to mark the message as spam.
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