iPhone Upgrade Program payments are eligible for 3 percent cashback even though they aren’t billed through Apple.

Good news to Apple loyal customers who go for the upgrading of their iPhone devices through the iPhone Upgrade Program. Apple officially declared that payments iPhone Upgrade Program payments fall under the category of receiving 3 percent cash back.

For a quick review, Apple is giving away cash backs to their loyal customers. The cashback will be granted at three different categories and specifications.

Three percent cash back

Anything that an Apple customer buys from Apple receives 3 percent cashback. This category ranges from in-app purchases, games and services such as Apple music subscription.

The first category also covers anything bought through Apple Store, App Store, iTunes or apple.com. For as long as the purchase was on Apple, the customer automatically qualifies for the 3 percent cashback.

Two percent cash back

A 2 percent cashback is given to all purchases done using the Apple Pay. This category comes with no limits meaning all transactions using the said card will receive a cashback.

One percent cash back

For Apple customers who use Apple Pay but are restricted because the transaction platform does not support Apple Pay yet, they can get a 1 percent cash back every time that they purchase using their titanium Apple card.

Checking the categories, iPhone Upgrade Program does not specifically fall on any of the categories as it is billed through Citizens One Bank. Surprisingly, Apple Card recognizes the payment as one of Apple purchases putting it under the first category. Every Apple customer making an iPhone Upgrade Program payment receives 3 percent of his paid amount back.

A report that surfaced the internet said that Apple considered the iPhone Upgrade Program customers ahead of launch. This is primarily why the Cupertino tech giant had it categorized even before the cashback categories were announced.

iPhone Upgrade Program is Apple’s way of making upgrading to the latest iPhone release possible to their existing customers. It is their response to carrier deals that finances phones for customers’ payable at a given amount of time. This program allows iPhone purchase payable in 24 months and makes the client eligible for an upgrade after 12 months of consecutive payment settlement.