Apple launched this week its “Apple Support” channel on YouTube to help iPhone and iPad users get the most out of its devices.

The channel includes 10 short how-to clips for users. The videos come after Apple released the iPhone X earlier this month, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in September, as well as iOS 11 update.

The new devices and iOS 11 come with new features that users may not know how to use. To allow people to take advantage of the features, Apple had previously revealed information on the updates through its Tips app and its official Apple YouTube channel. However, the company is taking it up a step with its own support channel, which includes clips that range from one to two minutes. The videos in the channel include: “How to change the wallpaper on your iPhone or iPad,” “How to mute or leave a group conversation” and "How to send and save GIFs on your iPhone."

Below are a couple of tips featured on Apple’s new support channel, as well as tricks from other videos on YouTube.

How to Print From iPhones or iPads

Apple uploaded a video that teaches users how to print with AirPrint using your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, users have to make sure their device and printer are connected to the Wi-Fi. Then, users can open the app they want to print from, whether it’s the Photo app, Notes or another app.

  2. After choosing the item they want to print, they can tap the Share icon and tap Print from the option below the screen (users might need to swipe to the right to find the Print icon).

  3. Users can also adjust printer options when printing from their iPhone and iPad, like printing something in black and white and plugging in the amount of copies they need.

  4. After adjusting the printer settings, users can tap Print and wait for their copies.

Getting Rid Contacts On iPhone

Another video on the Apple Support YouTube channel tells users how to link duplicates or delete contacts on their iPhone or iPad.

  1. To link duplicates, users can tap the Phone icon, select Contacts, choose a contact name, tap Edit.

  2. After that step, users must scroll down and go to the Linked Contacts section and tap on the add icon Link Contacts option. The user’s contact list will then show up on the screen. The person can tap on the contact’s duplicate name, tap Link on the upper right corner and then tap Done.

  3.  To delete a contact, users can go to the Phone app, tap on Contacts, choose the contact they want to delete and tap Edit.

     4. Users must then scroll all the way down to the Delete Contact option and press Done.

iOS 11: Copy And Paste Across Devices

Universal Clipboard is a feature under iOS 11 that allows users to copy and paste across their Apple devices. The video that teaches users how to use the feature is not included in the new Apple Support channel and is instead in Apple’s official YouTube channel.

Here’s how to use Universal Clipboard with iOS 11:

  1. First, users should make sure their Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on their iPad and iPhone.

  2. Users can then tap and hold the image or text they want to copy and paste, and then click on the Copy option that pops up. On the other device, users can tap on the place they want the copied item to land and hold down. The Paste option will appear for users to tap on.

iPhone X: Battery Percentage Location And Switching Apps

The new iPhone X comes with an edge-to-edge OLED screen that does not include a home button. Apple’s decision to take off the home button means iPhone X users have to learn how to use their phone without it. While the Apple Support channel doesn’t have iPhone X tutorial videos yet, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there to help users.

One video, uploaded by EverythingApplePro, provides users with some tips for the iPhone X. The first tip is the location of the battery percentage. Since the iPhone X includes a notch on the top-middle of the screen, the display does not include the device’s battery percentage. For users to see the amount of juice they have left on their smartphone, they can swipe down the Control Center to see the exact number of battery percentage.

The second tip in the video is switching from app to app. Since the iPhone X includes no Home Button, users can’t double tap the Touch ID to access other apps like they can on other iPhones. On the iPhone X, swiping to the left of the home screen takes users back to the last used app.

iPhone X: Reachability Feature

Another video, uploaded by GregsGauntlet, shows people how to use the reachability feature on the iPhone X. First, users have to go to Settings and enable the reachability feature on the device. When it’s turned on, users can slide from the function area on the bottom of the screen to access the feature.