UPDATE: 2.10 a.m. EST — According to a local news agency, there were 16 people aboard the flight, of which only the flight engineer survived, a spokesman for the country’s emergency agency said.

Original story:

A Boeing 707 cargo plane crashed in the outskirts of Tehran on Monday morning, and all those aboard the aircraft were feared dead. Reports suggested the plane tried to make a troublesome landing and crashed.

It was not known who the plane belonged to, with several reports saying it was coming from Kazakhstan and some saying it actually belonged to Iran's military. The reason of the crash was also not identified.

Several local media outlets carried pictures and videos of the incident.

The aircraft crashed outside the Payam International Airport, in the Alborz Province near Tehran, after mistaking the airport with another airfield.

There was no official announcement of the actual numbers of casualties, but some reports said there were 10 people on board, and were likely all dead. Looking at the scene of the accident in pictures and videos, it was doubtful if anyone survived.

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