Jennifer Love Hewitt
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Jennifer Love Hewitt just got a banging new ‘do to match her burgeoning baby bump. The starlet cut a few inches of her hair and cut bangs into her dark brown tresses.

[Click here to see pictures of Hewitt's growing belly and her new haircut, courtesy of ABC News and]

The “Client List” star, 34, took a page out of Kate Middleton’s book when she showed up to the Pampers event in New York City with a rocking new haircut on Wednesday. When she spoke to ABC News, she said the child is due in December, making the baby her best Christmas gift.

Hewitt doesn’t know the gender of the baby, adding to the suspense of the surprise. When asked if she was carrying a boy or a girl, Hewitt said, “I don't know" and continued, "It's one of life's greatest surprises and we wanted to keep it that way."

Is she having any weird pregnancy cravings? Don’t expect to see pictures of Hewitt woofing down pickles and ice cream any time soon, but the actress did admit to developing a bit of a sweet tooth since she’s been expecting.

"I like cake all of the sudden," the “Ghost Whisperer" star said. "I never was a cake person."

Hewitt explained that she cannot get over the way her body has changed since she became pregnant. The father is her fiancé and “Client List” costar Brian Hallisay. "You wake up in the morning and you go, 'Wow, this is no longer my body,'" she said. "What's going to happen today? It teaches you to not be in control and I've been a control freak for a long time."

As far as their nuptials, Hewitt doesn’t plan on making any arrangements until the baby is born. "Yeah, let's tackle one big life thing at a time," she added.