Ever since Jessica Simpson has given birth to her daughter, Maxwell Drew Johnson, in May, all of her pictures posted on her Twitter have been of her adorable daughter and new family, except for on Thursday when she tweeted a picture of what looks like an ingrown toenail that was removed.

The caption under the picture only reads "Ingrown." The bloody, splinter-like ingrown nail is on a piece of gauze and being held by (what can be assumed as) Simpson's red-painted fingers.

Probably done purposefully and playfully, there is a doodle of five toes in the background of the picture. They all appear to be having a fun time at the beach, bonnets and all, except for the middle toe, which seems to be in excruciating  pain. One can only assume it was her middle toenail that was ingrown.

(Click here to see the picture. Warning: It's a little gruesome.)

Monika Cisneros from Phoenix, Ariz., commented, "Nasty!"

Josh Guerra from San Antonio College joked, "Smell it."

As of 4:00 PM on Thursday, the picture had been retweeted 29 times and received 22 "favorites" somehow.

@moto62 wrote to Simpson, "@JessicaSimpson ingrown what? cute toes picture though."

@JennJenn6647 said to the star, "@JessicaSimpson Those hurt so badly! My moms remedy: Tiny piece of damp bread. Band-aid. 8 hours. Infection gone! Works wonders!"

@wannajew tweeted to the singer "@JessicaSimpson ew girl wtf?"

It's definitely interesting that the fashionista decided to put this much thought into a Twitter picture about an ingrown toenail that was removed, but maybe she's getting sick of everything being about Maxwell Drew and the huge media focus that has surrounded her massive weight gain after becoming pregnant.

Us Weekly reported that the singer and former reality star gained 70 pounds while pregnant, and she candidly admitted to People magazine, "I need to do something about [the weight gain]."

Do you think Simpson is trying to detract attention from her weight, or is she going back to her silly, outlandish self that viewers saw on "Newlyweds"?