While promoting her latest show “Fashion Star” Jessica Simpson appeared on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” and “Ellen” and said some pretty ridiculous things. For instance, she explained her very pregnant state with: “I got knocked up by a baller” and asked if it was okay for vegetarians to have onion rings. According to US Weekly, she also complained about wearing enormous shoes saying that her baby bump “is a lot of weight to carry on six inches!” Well she could simply opt not to wear narrow geisha style stilettoes and avoid such a dilemma, perhaps she hasn’t figured that out. Such statements recall the days when Simpson was notorious for being less than bright.

The onetime singer, who starred in the reality show “Newlyweds” has made some seriously unintelligent comments through the years and is also known for her onstage blunders. Here’s a look at Simpsons dumbest moments.

Is this Chicken or Fish?: When Simpson was first married to Nick Lachey, she had the unfortunate task of distinguishing between chicken or fish while eating a can of tuna. The moment was largely criticised by the public but it catapulted Simpson to instant fame.

Forgetting Lyrics: During a tribute to Dolly Parton, Simpson just couldn't remember the words to 9 to 5. The blunder occurred at the prestigious Kennedy Center in front of Parton herself. Oops!

On-Stage Screw-Ups: The reality star's on-stage flubs have been so frequent, that clips from her various live performances have been complied to reflect such. YouTube is filled with various song blunder's in which she can't remember the words to her own songs and has to start them over again.

Jimmy Kimmel Compares Her to President Bush: Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist poking fun of Simpson's air-headed statements. He even showed clips of President Bush's worst moments and aligned them with Simpson's most unflattering statements.

Brushing Her Teeth With a T-Shirt?: In a 2010 interview with Ellen, Simpson revealed that she brushes her teeth with a t-shirt because they're so white. The head scratching statement continues to baffle many.