NASA astronaut John Glenn wore many hats during his long life, one of which was a space helmet. Glenn, famed for being the first American to orbit Earth, lead a full life until his death on Dec. 8, 2016. Thursday he was buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia after a procession and private ceremony for his family. 

A look back at Glenn's life shows just how accomplished he really was.

Before becoming an astronaut Glenn fought in WWII and became a marine pilot who trained other pilots. He also served in the Korean War as an airplane test pilot. In 1957, he set a speed record, flying from Los Angeles to New York in less than three and a half hours.

John Glenn NASA Mission Photos

john glenn plane John Glenn Jr. in the cockpit of a T-106. Photo: NASA

Glenn was a member of the "Mercury Seven," the first group of astronauts NASA ever selected in 1959. Glenn is in the front row, second from the right, between Donald K. Deke Slayton and Scott Carpenter. The seven of them piloted the Mercury missions. 

mercury seven The "Mercury Seven" in 1959, the first men ever selected by NASA to be astronauts. Front row, left to right, Walter M. Wally Schirra, Donald K. Deke Slayton, John H. Glenn, Jr., Scott Carpenter. Back row, left to right, Alan B. Shepard, Virgil I. Gus Grissom, L. Gordon Cooper, Jr. Photo: NASA

In 1962, Glenn made his trip around the Earth in the "Friendship 7," his spacecraft, in about five hours. He made history as the first American to orbit Earth. Friendship 7 is on display at the National Air and Space museum in Washington, D.C.

The rocket that carried Glenn and his spacecraft to space took off from Cape Canaveral on the morning of Feb. 20, 1962.

john glenn rocket The rocket that launched John Glenn, Jr. into space. Photo: NASA

The automatic control system in Glenn's craft failed, but his training had prepared him to manually control the spacecraft and orbit and land safely. While in space, he took photos of the Earth from above. His time in space helped NASA experts learn more about the final frontier, but what it does to the human body, vital information for extending the amount of time humans could spend in space.

john glenn photo from space This photo of Earth was taken by astronaut John Glenn, Jr. on his orbits around the Earth. Photo: NASA

During flight the heat shield on Friendship 7 became loose and the possibility that the craft would burn up upon re-entry became a concern. Glenn left the retrorocket pack in place to help steady the heat shield in that hopes that it would be enough to protect the craft, and him. While re-entering Earth's atmosphere the rocketpack burned up and flew past Glenn's window. 

john glenn practice Astronaut John Glenn Jr., training in a craft for his first trip to space. Photo: NASA

Once Glenn left NASA after his mission, he went on to serve as a United States Senator for his home state of Ohio. He became a Senator in 1974 and a 25 year long career in government before returning to space.

john glenn senator Ohio Senator John Glenn, Jr. had a 25 year career as a Senator. Photo: NASA

In 1998 Glenn returned to space, this time to help NASA learn more about what space travel does to the aging body. Glenn was 77 at the time, the oldest person to ever travel to space and he went aboard the Discovery shuttle, he spent nine days in space during this second mission.

john glenn 1998 mission John Glenn Jr., in space in 1998 at the age of 77. He is the oldest person to have ever traveled to space and helped NASA study what space travel does to the aging body. Photo: NASA

In 2012 Glenn was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. President Barack Obama awarded Glenn the medal for his accomplishments as a Marine Corps pilot, an astronaut and a U.S. Senator.

john glenn obama In 2012 John Glenn Jr. was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. Photo: NASA

Glenn died on Dec. 8, 2016 at the age of 95. His wife, Annie Glenn, and children Carolyn Ann Glenn and John David Glenn remembered him and the spectacular life he lived at his burial Thursday morning. 

john glenn family John Glenn Jr., and his wife Annie (right) with their children David and Lyn in 1998 before Glenn's second trip to space. Photo: NASA