WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ interview on Reddit on Tuesday and talked about attacks on his organization and his struggles inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, which he claimed had hadn’t seen the sun in years.

The 45-year-old could not run from the trolls, who kept asking him “are you really here?” Assange kept denying the “silly” questions, claiming the live video was enough evidence to prove he was a live.

Assange urged people to fight for his release since he has been through “tough times.”

“This embassy is surrounded by a police operation and it’s a really difficult situation. I haven't seen sunlight in four and a half years,” Assange said. “It is tough, but you should be concerned about the situation.

“We hoped people concerned with my safety would direct their attention to those people responsible for the situation, the UK Government, the US Government and the Ecuadorian government,” Assange continued.“Some did, and that is quite possibly why the internet was put back on.”

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Assange spent at least an hour and a half answering questions from Reddit users, with many questions relating to how WikiLeaks operates while he is in the embassy.

Assange says his people have been through hell and back with him. “ They are really tough, smart people.

“It's like troops who lose their commander in the middle of a battle with bombs raining down on them. What usually happens is people scatter, go home, get scared or careless, but that didn't happen, not with our people,” he said.