After leaving a car unattended with $100k worth of jewelry in Hollywood Friday night, “Safe Haven” actress Julianne Hough came back to find her pricey merchandise unsurprisingly stolen.

TMZ reported that three pieces of jewelry were taken from the 24-year-old's Mercedes in an apartment complex lot while she was visiting with a friend. Hough reportedly found the car ransacked and the doors left open with no signs of visible forced entry.

Out of the three pieces stolen, one was a $50,000 watch. All items were gifts from Hough’s boyfriend of almost three years, Ryan Seacrest.

This is not the first celebrity to be victim of a robbery. In 2009, stars Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton and Megan Fox were all victims of the "Bling Ring," a group of California-based young adults who were accused of breaking and entering multiple celebrity homes to steal their expensive goods.

A film based on the acts is currently in postproduction and was directed by Sofia Coppola. The first teaser trailer for “The Bling Ring” was released Monday and stars “Harry Potter” actress, Emma Watson.