The Bombay High Court has upheld the death sentence to Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Amir Kasab for involvement in the Nov. 26, 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai in which 166 people were killed

A division bench of the high court on Monday confirmed the acquittal of two other Indians, Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed, for want of evidence.

Kasab, 24, was the only Pakistani terrorist captured alive so far by India. He was sentenced to death by a lower court on May 6 last year.

Kasab's lawyer, Farhana Shah, said that her client may appeal the verdict in the Supreme Court, the country's apex court.

We will go through the judgement and then suggest Kasab on the next course of legal action. It is up to Kasab to decide. The honourable court has given a verdict according to what it thought was right, Farhana told IBN television.

We have to go through the copy of judgment, then decide what to do next. Kasab has a chance and he can appeal in the Supreme Court. High Court said Kasab along with Abu Ismail are responsible for the deaths, she said.