Prince William and Kate Middleton
Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine pose wearing the sweaters of the Canadian Rangers during a visit to Blatchford Lake Reuters

After the whirlwind that was the Royal North American tour, Kate Middleton and Prince William seem to want a more quite life. After boarding the plane at LAX, earlier this week, bound for England, the couple have been nowhere in sight.

The cute couple has stated they are looking forward to a more reclusive lifestyle, and after the eventful, action-packed tour they had, it seems like a reasonable desire.

Considering the recent interest in Kate's waist size, it's no surprise the duchess is keeping quiet. Since Kate was seen standing next to think actresses such as Nicole Kidman, interest in her health has hit the Internet like wildfire. The duchess who was considerably thinner than Kidman has raised concerns on whether or not she is on the verge of anorexia.

One blog states, As far as opinions go, some publications have gone so far as to bring in experts to analyze whether Kate's weight loss was healthy, she lost the weight too quickly, she has an eating disorder, and this was all caused by stress. The overall conclusions . . . are that Kate's weight loss was healthy, and that she lost it very slowly, which was healthy as well.

The blogger continued on to say, What is disturbing though, and what the media has glossed over, is that Kate was very thin before losing any weight - flat abs and everything! She looked healthy, had a fabulous figure, and didn't need to lose anything to begin with.

OK Magazine says, however, that Kate is a public figure and people will criticize her for being too thin or too fat, and that in the public's eye, she'll never be perfect.

Even celebrities are coming out to defend Kate. Selma Blair defended Kate to ET saying that she looked healthy and beautiful. Taraji P Henson said Kate looks fine [and] looks healthy.