• Kendall Jenner shared a video to support people facing mental health issues

  • The model helped launch a new initiative called Mental Health Coalition

  • Jenner also faces mental health problems sometimes

Kendall Jenner has been a strong supporter of people who are suffering from mental health issues. The model recognized that the social distancing and the lockdown can be a particularly challenging time for people, and she shared a video online to tell her fans who have been struggling that they are not alone.

In the video Jenner shared on her Instagram page, she said that she has been thinking about how important mental health is during this quarantine. The model said that she hoped to instill some hope in people through her message, and she told her fans that everyone is not alone while they are in isolation because of the pandemic.

Jenner joined the “how are you really?” challenge through the video, in which a participant talks about how he or she is feeling. The model said that she personally has some good days and then there are days when she feels anxious. In the video she asked her fans to join her in this challenge and tell her how they really feel, and she promised that everyone can get through this together.

The video is also a chance for Jenner to stand with fashion designer Kenneth Cole, who is also the founder of The Mental Health Coalition, which aims to end the stigma against people suffering from mental health issues. “It is important, now more than ever, that we come together to promote acceptance and inspire hope,” Jenner wrote in her post.

Mental health is an important issue for Jenner personally. She talked about some of the challenges she faced in an interview with "Good Morning America." In the interview, the model recalled the time when she was young and used to have panic attacks.

One of the incidents that Jenner recalled was the time when she couldn’t breathe. She ran to her mom and told her about the panic attack at that time. The mode was able to get the help she needed back then, and now she wants to help people by showing that they are not alone.

Jenner still struggles with some of her mental health issues to this day, and she said that she was excited when she was asked to help launch the Mental Health Coalition. Some of the ways she has found to cope with her problems are reading a book or meditating.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner attends the Longchamp Fall/Winter 2019 Runway Show in New York City on Feb. 9, 2019. Getty Images/Craig Barritt