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Good news for couples trying to have a baby. A new study suggests that people now don't have to wait for the “most fertile” calender days to get intimate and conceive a baby. Rather, they just need to have more sex to boost the chances of conception.

According to the researcher Tierney Lorenz of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, sexual activity facilitates a series of physiological changes in a woman's body. The changes introduced boosts chances of conception, even when the woman is outside her most fertile calender days.

During the study, the research team analyzed the levels of type 2 helper T cells in the bodies of 30 women, 14 of whom were sexually active. The team discovered greater levels of type 2 helper T cells in sexually active women, while 16 sexually inactive females had lower levels of the T cells.

The type 2 helper T cells are known to facilitate acceptance of foreign bodies in women that may assist in reproduction, including sperms and developing embryos.

Sexually active women were also found to have higher levels of immunoglobulin G, a cell that helps ward off diseases without interrupting with the normal functioning of the uterus.

help the human body acceptIn addition, the researchers observed that sexually active women also had higher levels of type 2 helper T cells and immunoglobulin G during the phase of the fertility cycle when thickening of uterine lining takes place as a preparatory step for pregnancy.

"We're actually seeing the immune system responding to a social behavior: sexual activity," said Lorenz, in a press release. "The sexually active women's immune systems were preparing in advance for the mere possibility of pregnancy."

The complete details of the study have been published in the journals Physiology and Behaviors and Fertility and Sterility.