Most of us start our morning with a cup of hot coffee or tea; we don’t even bat an eye-lid to think about what our daily caffeine intake is doing to our bodies and minds. But now it seems that the kids of today are picking up the bad habit as a recent study suggests that ¾ kids drink caffeine every day.

Health experts say that caffeine should not be a part of a child’s diet; it has no nutritional or therapeutic benefits. Surprisingly, most kids are not getting the adrenalin hit from soda, rather energy drinks and coffee. This fact came from the US centers for disease and control, which also found that 74% of children consume some level of caffeine.

Caffeine is a stimulant and can lead to nervousness, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, increased heart rate, blood pressure and an upset stomach. But caffeine can be hiding in other things like chocolate and flavored milk.

While energy companies insist their energy boosting drinks are not marketed toward a child that does not stop them from asking and drinking. Scientists are yet to fully understand the effects of excessive caffeine for kids, but one can only assume they are not good.

Instead kids should drink lots of water, if they are in the mood for something sweeter, a small amount of juice is ok. The effects of caffeine on children and adults are alike. While the short term affects can be stimulating, it is a highly addictive drug, which should be taken in small amounts.

So instead of ordering that second cup of coffee, think twice about the example you’re setting for your kids and have a fresh juice instead.