Kim Kardashian just wanted to get a few moments of beauty sleep before her big 'Kardashian Kollection' launch in Chicago last Friday, but when she crawled into bed with her mother, Kris Jenner, it proved to be a mistake. Kim's mommy just couldn't resist sharing the moment with the world (or at least her 2 million twitter followers). The end result was a photo of Kim Kardashian 'without her face on,' although to be honest, we don't think she looks half bad.

I love that @kimkardashian still crawls in bed with me, Tweeted Kris Jenner along with the picture of her dozing daughter. She's still my little girl! #favoritething.

The photograph shows the 31-year old Kim Kardashian peacefully sleeping with no makeup and her dark hair casually pulled up. She is wearing what appears to be grew pajamas. Her face looks a bit oily, thought that might just by extra light from the flash. Kim also looks pretty tan in the picture.

Later that day the 56-year old mother of six and her daughters Khloe and Kim Kardashian headed to Sears for the unveiling of the new clothing collection where Khloe posted a few photos of the two sisters all dolled up. Kourntey, who is currently in the final stages of her second pregnancy, was unable to accompany her sisters.

Kim Kardashian has lately been tied to super star rapper Kanye West. The two are publicly dating. Word on the street is that they've had feeling for each other for a while now, but didn't go public until the media forced them to after snapping a photograph of Kim Kardashian leaving Kanye West's apartment one morning wearing the same clothing she had been seen in the night before.

Now the Kardashians and their mother are in NY to promote the new clothing line. Kris announced their new location on Twitter, with no photo this time, writing, Hi NYC!! I kinda love you!!!