Amazon's share of the electronic book reader market just got smaller with new e-readers from the Netherlands, China, Korea and also from the U.S.

BeBook electronic book reader from Dutch company Endless Ideas will release its new model at the CeBIT 2009 this week. It has been redesigned to include 3G cellular and/or a WiFi data link, touchscreen navigation and wireless RSS support, said the company in a posting on its Web site. The physical design is not yet known.

Onyx International, the Chinese company, said its new e-reader will have a 6-inch screen (like the Kindle) but it will have Wi-Fi and support many more standard formats than Kindle: ePub, PDF, HTML, TXT, CHM, Mobipocket, JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF/TIFF and MP3. It will also have the text-to speech option like Kindle. However, no price for the Boox has been made available.

Meanwhile, a Korean company called Neolux has also gotten into the act with a second generation of its Nuut reader, which also has a 6-inch screen, WiFi and support for a bunch of standards.

Rumors have also begun to spread that even thought the Kindle 2 has only been out for a couple of weeks, Kindle 3 may arrive before Christmas. It is said to have a bigger screen and will be faster, according to Fast Company.

And lastly, there's also a new reader from Hearst Corp., click here to read more.