Over the weekend, it was discovered that several copies of “Kingdom Hearts 3” were leaked and sold online. Spoilers about the game are now spreading on various social media websites and the leak also prompted the game’s director to issue a statement.

An individual allegedly sold Xbox One copies of “Kingdom Hearts 3” in the Facebook marketplace. To prove that the copy was real to potential buyers, the seller shared videos of the game loading up and showing the main menu, according to Polygon.

The listing has been taken down, but several images and short videos of gameplay have already hit the web, including YouTube. Fans on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are warning others to be more cautious when going to social media websites, for they might potentially encounter spoilers.

The “Kingdom Hearts” subreddit has also banned any discussions related to the leak and warned fans that their posts will be removed if they share links that lead to spoilers. Users in the subreddit are also not allowed to ask for a copy of the leaked game and post screenshots or videos. Fans are also banned from posting comments and other submissions that in any way spoil the contents of the game.

A user on Twitter claimed that he knew who the seller was, but declined to share the person’s name. The same Twitter user, who has already deleted the relevant tweets, claimed that the person selling the leaked copies has a connection with the game’s manufacturing and printing unit somewhere in North Carolina. The illegitimate seller is also said to have a history with this type of sales and it’s believed that he or she has 30 copies of “Kingdom Hearts 3.”

Those who purchased a leaked copy of “Kingdom Hearts 3” were asked to meet up in person with the seller. Apparently, at least 10 transactions were made before the Facebook marketplace listing was taken down on Saturday.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Jan. 29 in the U.S., and Jan. 25 in Japan. This massive leak may have already spoiled the fun for some gamers, but at least it’s reassuring that the gaming community is doing its part in preserving the upcoming game’s surprises.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” director Tetsuya Nomura also released a statement on various social media pages, saying that Square Enix is already aware of how this all happened. The director also said that they are investigating possible ways of correcting the situation and he urged fans not to share any of the leaked videos. The most important information the director shared, however, is that the leaked copies won’t include the game’s biggest spoilers.

“The game’s epilogue and secret movie, which are the biggest spoilers in this game, are planned to be released at a later date just in case, so they will not be shown before the game’s release,” the director said. “We want everyone to be able to equally experience the full game after its release, so we ask for your continued support on this matter.”