Steven Tyler
Steven Tyler's people want Jason Whitlock to apologize for harsh remarks about Tyler's AFC Championship singing performance. REUTERS

Kristin Chenoweth, a Tony Award and Emmy Award-winning Broadway and TV actress, sang the National Anthem much better than Steven Tyler did before Sunday's big football games.

Kristin Chenoweth sang the song to introduce the NFC Championship game Sunday evening between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants in Candlestick Park in San Francisco, while Steven Tyler's National Anthem Performance came between the AFC Championship game earlier that day before the Baltimore Ravens lost 23-20 to the New England Patriots in New England.

Chenoweth gave a moving performance as expected given her singing credentials, full of vibratos and perfect-pitch notes. (Video of a past performance of her singing the National Anthem is included below.)

But Chenoweth was taken to task by some San Francisco fans, who were upset that she is a Giants fan singing in 49ers territory, as was a San Francisco Chronicle blogger.

Shouldn't the home team 49ers have a hometown performer? Chronicle blogger Peter Hartlaub wrote. Especially in an area where there's no shortage of talented high-profile choices?

Meanwhile, Steven Tyler had a much harder time getting the song out, and the blogosphere immediately lampooned him for flubbing the song with off-kilter screams and a loose interpretation of the Francis Scott Key tune's lyrics.

You have to believe that Steven Tyler wants a mulligan on his performance of the National Anthem just prior to the start of the AFC Championship matchup between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens, wrote shortly after his performance ended. To say that he was awful would be an understatement.

Tyler shouted out his Patriots with a flashy, red-white-and-blue scarf, but that couldn't save him from the harsh critics who ruled his performance weak at best (see video below.)

A past Chenowerth performance of the anthem:

Tyler's Sunday performance: