Tyga's former girlfriend, Blac Chyna, is reportedly the reason for troubles between the rapper and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, Hollywood Life reported. Getty Images/Craig Barritt

Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna’s feud may be never-ending as the latter is now the reason for tensions between the reality TV star and her rapper boyfriend Tyga, Hollywood Life reported. The couple has been going through “difficult” times, giving rise to speculation that the two might end their relationship.

"Kylie and Tyga certainly have their share of problems; most of them stemming from Blac Chyna. Kylie flat-out doesn’t like her. She thinks Blac still has a thing for Tyga and that bothers her," a source told Hollywood Life. "It really hurt Kylie when Chyna was brutally mean to her on social media. Kylie thought the attacks were uncalled for and just downright nasty," the source reportedly said, referring to Jenner’s social media war with Chyna.

"But Kylie gets it though, that Blac and Tyga have a child together so for that reason, the two of them must communicate," the source reportedly added.

In another Hollywood Life report, a second source said that Jenner is still going strong with Tyga and will not give up on her relationship despite the problems between them.

"He’s her first everything!" the second source told Hollywood Life. "Kylie is such a girly girl at heart and doesn’t want her romance with him to end!"

“She’s not interested in dating a ton of different men to find out who’s the best one in the bunch… That’s not her style,” the source reportedly continued. “She would rather work things out with Tyga, no matter how difficult they may be at times, and save their relationship.”

On Tuesday, Jenner was spotted at a casual dinner at Casa Vega with boyfriend Tyga, according to the Daily Mail.

Tensions between Jenner and Tyga escalated after the latter was going to Chyna and talking to her each time he and the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star had an issue.

“Kylie thinks Blac’s an opportunist and it upsets her that Tyga runs to his ex when they’re having problems, telling her everything that’s going in their relationship. For all Kylie knows, Blac could be taking all that information and plotting to write a book, exposing what goes on behind closed doors with Kylie and Tyga. She doesn’t trust Blac. She feels that woman has some sort of spell over Tyga, especially since they’ve had a child together,” another source had previously told Hollywood Life.

However, there were speculations that Chyna’s rumored relationship with rapper Future will help ease tensions between Jenner and Tyga.

Jenner reportedly hoped that Chyna and Future stay together forever as this would keep her away from targeting Tyga, who has a three-year-old son named King Cairo with Chyna.

Jenner and Chyna have been feuding ever since the 18-year-old started dating Tyga. Jenner and Tyga broke up for a brief period after reports said that Tyga was trying to get Chyna back, but resumed their relationship soon after.