Just hours after the release, Lady Gaga's hot new track 'Born This Way' stirred up a controversy with many listeners noticing similarities between the song and Madonna's 1989 hit 'Express yourself'.

But the scandal-prone pop star is not the first one and most likely wont be the last one to be tainted by the music plagiarism accusation.

At this level, Lady Gaga only faces the risks of disappointing her fans, losing the reputation as a creative artist and fueling her haters. But musical plagiarism could lead to court cases, which could drain the accused artist's bank balance. Even the high and mighty in the music business have some time in the past faced accusation of ripping of tunes including Johnny Cash, ex Beatles, U2 and Coldplay.

Starting from the latest row accusation against Lady Gaga, the slideshow recalls some of the high-profile cases: