Singer Lana Del Rey's Video Games has spawned a tribute from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Jenny Bede wrote and sang a parody that transforms Del Rey's ballad into a despondent Princess Peach's torch song to Mario and Luigi. The production preserves Del Rey's languid singing and strings, but has lyrics like sat here in this plush room/had too many mushrooms/feel like I can fly.

The original song and parody have similar elements, in that they both explore failed relationships -- Del Rey was inspired by an ex-boyfriend.

I think we came together because we were both outsiders. It was perfect. But I think with that contentment also comes sadness. There was something heavenly about that life - we'd go to work and he'd play his video games - but also it was maybe too regular, Del Rey told the Quietus.

Peach is lamenting her own travails, although the mood is lightened by the colorful costumes and interspersed gameplay footage.

Bede's other work includes portraying Kate Middleton rapping Jay-Z's 99 Problems and a Harry Potter-Eminem merger.